See: Minister’s Writings and papers

Barry is a firm believer in Non-Stipendiary ministry.
“Members can’t say that’s the Minister’s job – he gets paid for it”. He believes firmly that the most important skill for a church leader is delegation. His visionbarry for the church is every-member ministry. In his first ministerial post, Barry followed a non-stipendiary minister who had been at Arnold for eleven years, so that church was already used to working with a minister who had limited time. The church in Netherfield was his next an last post up until his retirement in 2009. Barry retired from pastoral charge in order to put all his time and energy into Health and Healing ministry.

Barry believes that a Christian should be deeply involved in community affairs and local politics. See the Colwick Village web site.b&babe

Barry was a heating engineer who started his own business almost thirty years ago. Along with Christine, his long-suffering wife, he ran Drake Engineering Services. A few years ago, he sold the business to his friend and colleague Rob Lloyd in order to spend all his time in ministry. Barry is married, with three grown up children, Mandy, Martyn and Emma. “It would be nice to be a granddad”, he used to say, and he became quite broody whenever he baptised a baby. His prayer was answered when his son Martyn and daughter in law Gaynor had their first child – Isaac Joseph – on October 30th 2003 – here he is on the right – just two days old!

Since then, Isaac’s brother Noah was born, and Emma, his youngest daughter presented him with a granddaughter in February 2008. Philippa and her younger brother James are now at school, and Charlotte, the youngest of the three, can’t wait to join them. We see a lot of them, as they live just five minutes walk away.

Barry has always been keen on drama. He frequently appears on stage for the Colwick Theatre Club.


‘A good preacher needs to have drama training’, Barry claims.

Barry has been deeply influenced by the Charismatic movement; in spite of this, he is a traditionalist in many ways, especially as far as church music is concerned. He does, however share with other charismatic Christians a strong vision of the power of the Holy Spirit working in the world today. He trained at the ecumenical EMMTC ministry training course, and was ordained at Arnold in April 1997 where he was the minister for six years (see picture on left).


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